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Education/Personal Development/Training
Bao Bei Reading Wonderland

A learning program designed to develop Chinese reading proficiency for children between the ages of 3 to 6.

Using the left and right brain techniques, Bao Bei’s objective is to cultivate an early interest in reading. With the flashcard methodology, this program promises amazing results in 5 days!

CN Health & Beauty

CN Health & Beauty entices the market with the solution for beautiful skin with a line of products that combats damage, focusing on total health and wellness, restoration and beautifying, from inside out, the Dr. Murad’s way.

Dr Howard Murad, Professor of Dermatologist and Skincare, Academy Award Winner 2000, together with a team of medical doctors, beauticians and expert therapists comes under one roof in offering face, body slimming, health and wellness, and, specialized treatments, aiming to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Lo Hong Ka

Lo Hong Ka is an international conglomerate specializes in packaging and retailing instant bird’s nest concentrate with corporate philosophy to contribute towards the well being of the society. Established in Hong Kong since 1998, it has the largest network of instant bird’s nest stores in Asia Pacific region with more than 100 outlets in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Macau and Shanghai.

Automotive Products & Services
EOA (Establishment of Automobile)

EOA (Establishment of Automobile), established as a provider of consultation and pre-owned vehicle company.

EOA is operating in a unique concept which breaks away from traditional pre-owned vehicle trading practice and setting a new standard which will rejuvenate the entire industry and hence contribute significantly to the economy and society.

CARs (Comprehensive Auto Restoration Service)

It all started in 1973 in Shah Alam with only a bucket and a cloth. CARs International founder, Mr S.S. Lee was a visionary man who saw the conventional car wash would be transformed to the unlimited potential of car beauty services. The 70s also saw the booming era of many shopping malls all over the nation and when Proton was launched in 1985, owning a car was becoming an affordable luxury.

As the numbers of car owners and shoppers dramatically increased, CARs worked hard to break into the market despite the lack of strong rivals in the industry. Over the past three decades, CARs had taken the major shopping malls by storm with 60 Complete Auto Restoration Services concept centers, servicing thousands of cars daily across the country.

Putra Bikes

In 1990, a dynamic team of husband and wife from Taiping, En. Azmi Ismail and Pn. Noor Asylynna Lee, ventured into automobile business with a start-up capital of only RM20,000 and pure determination. The following years Azmi & Noor Sdn Bhd evolved into becoming of the prominent dealers in town and gradually captured many hearts of motorists with its top-notch personalized services. However, the taste of their success in pre-owned cars trading was short-lived due to the economic downturn in 1997. After a decade of experience coupled with strong reputation, the brand name “Azmi & Noor” was changed to “Putra Bikes”, aiming to create a more nationwide appeal. As a result, the first Putra Bikes outlet was opened at Jalan Kapar, Klang in 2006. Today, Putra Bikes is a full-service dealership, involved in selling motorbikes, parts, accessories, and providing services to owners of small motorbikes and scooters of Modenas, Yamaha and Honda.

Lightings and Furnishings
G.D.O (Gallery of Design and Ornament)

Gallery of Design and Ornament - houses a team of specialized consultants who will help select a range of very modern or functional lightings to suit the needs of every home and office.

To complement their extensive range of crystal chandeliers, floor, table, ceiling and wall lamps, G.D.O also carries a range of designer furniture and decorative accessories from around the world.


Certified as “The Largest Teakwood Retail Chain in Malaysia” in Malaysian Book of Records, Jatimas root of business can be traced back in year 2000 when the Managing Director, Puan Zawati Ibrahim, brought a 20 foot container of exclusive teakwood furniture from Indonesia. In the same year, the first outlet was opened in Selayang and the response was overwhelming. Over the years, Jatimas has grown to be a reputable company through its wide selections of distinguished craftsmanship and fine quality furniture. Today, Jatimas is the leading distributor of teakwood-based home interior product with manufacturing capacity in established plants in Indonesia.

Retail: Clothing/Shoes/Accessories

From the day its doors opened in 1950, Kamdar began as a humble textile trading store in Ipoh run by the Kamdar brothers. Over the years it has long renowned as a household name in its textile and fabrics with excellence services and reasonable price tags.

Today, Kamdar continues to reinvent the textile experience in their store with everything from exciting visual presentation of apparels, rugs and luggage to its higher level of personalized service, and a balanced assortment of better-priced brands and unique products.

Le Ann Maxima

Le Ann's is a trendy ready-to-wear women's clothing boutique with modern flare. After 7 years of experience in wholeselling, the sizzling look of Lee Ann is now available for dedicated female fashionistas.

Le Ann boutique is operated under Malaysian based company, E-Maxim fashion (M) Sdn Bhd with manufacturing arms in China. This high street fashion retail ace is well loved for its ability in translating the catwalk to the mass market with its creative designs that compliments the female form: classic, elegant and full of attitude.


Wardrobe Concept of combining “Su Misura” or made-to-measure and ready-to-wear is set to change the image of tailoring and menswear in Malaysia.

Being the first Malaysian tailoring company to do work for renowned tailors like Manning of Saville, London, and JH Cutler of Sydney, Australia’s very reputable tailoring firm, ensures Wardrobe is updated with fashion trends with constant upgrading of quality processes which sets Wardrobe on par with its peers worldwide.

Melinda Looi

Mellooi Creation was formed in the year 2000 with the trademark of her dinstinct haute couture designed dresses in muted tones embellished with intricate beading and crystals. Already being established as private limited status, Mellooi Creation Sdn Bhd is set to further develop business opportunities for Melinda Looi Couture, Melinda Looi Pręt-A-Porter, and MELL in local and international markets.

Under the vision of Melinda's unmistakably unique and fresh look, the company has a dedicated team of talented young designers, each working tirelessly to translate inspiration into delicate array of extraordinary collection. Her clientele today spans the globe to countries like the United States, South Africa, Kuwait, Riyadh, Dubai, Bahrain, Soudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and of course, in Malaysia.

Save & Save

The Save & Save franchise will offer the opportunity to operate a retail store selling "used clothing" directly imported from the USA and Canada. Giving new meaning to the business of selling "used clothing", the Save & Save franchise operators will be the only "used clothing" retailer to wash every item before it goes on display.

Retail: Specialty
Gift N Logo

Established in historical city of Melaka since 2001, the Gift N Logo is focused on communicating its clients' brand images by customizing merchandise and gifts from an array of colors and designs.

The Gift N Logo product line includes various styles of t-shirts, jackets, bags, mugs, stationeries, leather and electronic gifts with buying houses in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and Ningbao in China.


Incorporated in 1985, Ridpest are the professionals in termite elimination with a revolutionary way of protecting your home.

With pre and post construction treatments, there is no escape for termites when Ridpest goes on the war path!

Food: Restaurants/Family-Style
Syed Bistro

Syed Bistro has a long history going back four generations. Founded by Syed Kadir in the early 1900 in Penang by the early migrants from India. From the early days of Penang, the third generation Syed moved to the Klang Valley in 1968.

Today, Syed Bistro caters to a wide range of classes and ethnic groups in Malaysia looking to savor the best in local and Western cooking and the added ambience of a relaxed tropical setting.

Noodle Station

Noodle Station opened its first day of business in April 2005 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan with a team of twelve crews. Its owners had a dream of creating a dining destination that united fresh food with fast service for an affordable price.

Their mission was to come out with a restaurant business concept that fill the void between the typical fast-food outlet that so many people frequent due to lack of choices and time constraint with a full service dining experience which is both costly and time consuming. Noodle Station became an instant hit in town serving over 850 transactions per day during the first week of its opening.

Retail: Optometry Products & services
A-Look Eyewear

What began as a single shop in July 2003, opened by optical entrepreneur Terry Ngeow, has now evolved into one of Malaysian's leading optical stores. In less than 5 years, A-Look's outlets have mushroomed to 18 locations capturing many loyal customers in its clientele lists.

As a sole supplier of unique range of eyewear products from Hong Kong, A-Look has been instrumental in defining a more affordable eyewear market. A-Look has elevated eyewear from simple functional to a 'fashion statement' with enjoyable experience in purchasing quality that helps them to express their individual, a superb optics at affordable price.

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