Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do to prepare my business for franchising?
Why should I give up the total revenue of company-owned units for the royalty revenue of franchises?
How many franchises will I be able to sell in, say, a year?
I have a good business, but I realize that it is not franchisable in its present form. Shouldn't I wait to franchise until I set up a precise prototype?
What if my business isn't really unique?
Much as I'd like to, how can I consider franchising, when the pressures of my business leave me with very little time?
What if I don't have the cash to start a new company-owned unit and I don't have the cash to create a franchise program?
Aren't I better off putting the money I have into another company-owned unit and then franchising?
I've heard a lot about franchisor/franchisee disagreements. Don't franchisors often get sued?
I'm proud of the high standards my business has achieved. Won't those standards be sacrificed in a franchise program?
What is my responsibility if a franchisee does not pay his bills?
What guarantee do I have, after I've put time, effort and money into a franchise program, that anyone will buy my franchise?
How does Francorp assist companies that are already franchising?
What are the differences between Franchising and Licensing?
What is Distributorship Franchising and what are its benefits?
What are ten things that make a business Franchisable?
What is the main factor in being a successful franchisor?
Why should I franchise my business?
What is franchising and how does it work?
Is now a good time to expand my business?
What are the most important traits in a Franchisee?
Slick or Quick? How do you select the right time to franchise your business?
Why are there so many different types of Franchises?

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