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1: Do you have a profitable operating prototype?
2: How many units do you have in operation?
  1 Location
  2 Locations
  3 Locations
  4 Locations
  5 or More Locations
  No Locations opened
3: How long has your business been in operation?
  Not in operation yet
  Less than 6 months
  1 Year
  2 Years
  3 Years
  4+ Years
4: To what degree is your business distinctive from its competitors?
  Not very distinctive
  Somewhat distinctive
  Very distinctive
5: How much would it cost to open one of your locations, not including franchise fees?
  RM400,000 or more
  RM200,000 to RM399,000
  RM100,000 to RM199,000
  RM50,000 to RM99,000
  Less than RM50,000
6: The market for your business or service is:
7: Competition for the products or services you sell is:
8: How systemized is the business?
  Very little
  Some basic policies and/or handbooks
  Very well documented
9: How long would it take you to teach someone how to operate your business?
  Special certification needed first
  2-6 months
  1-2 months
  1-3 weeks
  Less than 1 week
10: How does your business's sales compare to those of other businesses in your industry?
  Much Lower
  Somewhat Lower
  About the Same
  Somewhat Higher
  Much Higher

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